A Charmed Life, Signing In.

14 Jun

Finally. I’m on a break. Summer vacation came late for me but it arrived nonetheless. And I’m just really glad.

553264_955005187845536_6293685638497787183_n (1)

It was a tough semester I would say and an awful long one too, what with my craziness hitting me mid-term giving me the idea to file for a leave of absence. I was juggling a  20 unit (+ 2 unit hold-over for my thesis) load when for this semester we were supposed to enroll only 12. And it surely drove me nuts. I did want, somehow, to graduate on time but well I failed a class so that isn’t happening for me anymore, but that’s alright. To be honest, I did not feel bad at all when I learned that Prof. Legarda failed me (oooops namedrop much? lol I don’t really care i’m a pretty honest person and indifferent of other’s judgment for the most part 😛 so forgive me for selling out myself haha)  But I digress.  As I was saying, as much as I wanted to get law school over with, I didn’t feel even an ounce of disappointment after I failed. I did ponder as to why. At first I thought maybe it was because i’m that detached from law school but i shrugged the idea off after realizing the real reason: Perspective.


Just recently, I found out that one of my friends is currently battling cancer. I heard the news around the time grades were being released in school.  I’ve always thought people with such ailment must be having a very hard time just accepting their fate and I’ve always wondered how and where they get the motivation to fight. If it were me, i don’t know what I’d do. I kind of dwelt on this existential thought for a while so that when I was informed I failed my CivLawRev Class, i couldn’t care less about it anymore. I mean really, why should I feel bad about something so petty and trivial when other people around me are facing much more serious challenges in life?  Not graduating on time is not even a problem worth a minute of worrying. If anything, I should be thankful I woke up this morning.

inspirational-quotes-obless It’s amazing how gaining the right perspective can re-shift our feelings and responses towards certain failures or unfortunate events that we experience.  It makes us more grateful and helps us focus on the brighter side of life.

Oh and while we’re on the topic of failing and losing some and being okay about it, i might as well say that me and my almost-boyfriend broke up 8 or 10 days ago. I think i’ll tell more of this in another post but what I want to say is that I didn’t cry when we bid farewell, which if you know me well enough, is kind of bizarre. I consider it an achievement though. I’ve grown and I’m rather proud of myself. 🙂

19210_955005661178822_9138686913533021491_n So, although since there’s no pseudo-boyfriend getting in the way right now and no law school to worry about, i now have enough time to build up this site. I’ve always dreamed of launching a blog that talks about something inspiring and beautiful.

To my friends who’ve enjoyed reading Malcolmfabness, i hope you all find this new one much more interesting, meaningful and just over all better. I will talk about my plans for this blog and what it’s gonna be all about later on, but for now allow me to just say…. here’s  A Charmed Life, signing in 🙂 Snapshot_20150324_8 Inspired by this post? feel free to share d page to others and lets spread positivity t to those who need it! 


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