Heaven and Earth

17 Jun

I am in love with nature. My ideal getaway is in a peaceful, beautiful, crowdless island with lots of lovely plants and colorful creatures (that’s aside from Paris of course lol). Today’s post is a fashion post and I’d say the look you’ll be seeing is inspired by the color of the seas and the skies.


I just love love love the combination of luscious green and very vivid blue. Anyways, this is how the mood board above is translated into an outfit:

1908163_1585505545018234_4836730194087792503_nwearing a Forever 21 blue dress and a Forever 21 pair of hoop earrings.

These shots were taken last Christmas of 2014. tell me about it, sooo looong ago lol. But I figured that the dress is too nice not to be shared with the world. it’s such a waste if it is just archived there in my facebook. 😉

10888584_1585505398351582_2611674826145713218_nI love the inverted ombre effect and the richness of the blue hue. It makes the dress fashionable enough in itself and needs not a lot of accessorizing or styling anymore. Also, the cut-outs on the side hip area make the look really sexy. I feel like the dress became more me because of those little peekaboos. The entire dress matches my afro hair well too. Overall, this look is a favorite of mine because of the crossover between elegant and bold vibes. 😉
10393750_1585505395018249_6865278225967465919_nI’m pretty daring when it comes to fashion. I’m not afraid to wear bright colors although I appreciate muted tones as well. I am particularly attracted to clothes with special details because they immediately stand out from the crowd. I consider myself an artist by heart (by heart only because I don’t think my artworks qualify as masterpieces lol, but I try 😛 ) and I can’t help but extend my experimental, fuck-the-world attitude towards art to the outfits I wear. This dress is a classic example of that.

Nature and lovely dresses are two of the things i love and enjoy so much. It’s a no-brainer therefore that one is incorporated in the other most of the time.

So what do you think about the look? 🙂


Inspired by this post? feel free to share d page to others and lets spread colors to those who need it! 


2 Responses to “Heaven and Earth”

  1. Ms. Sole June 17, 2015 at 4:13 am #

    Love the look hun.

    I blog here:



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