Loveliest of Mornings

23 Jun

What makes your morning lovely? What are the things that make your soul smile when you rise up from bed and before you set yourself out to the world? If you ask me, a beautiful view – a beach, a garden, or a dear familiar face –  that, and a hearty breakfast do the trick.

Weekend mornings are my favorite. I love waking up to a carefree day. I love taking my time with my first meal.  I savor every fresh moment, every sip of my coffee, every bite of my bread.  As a bonus lately, I eat my breakfast at the patio of my parents’ house, overlooking my mom’s garden full of colorful flowers. Aaah. It’s beautiful in its own simple way. 🙂

If I were to use images instead of words in describing my feelings when I get to enjoy my mornings exactly the way I want, it would be this: sonya's6

Sweet. romantic. inspiring. and just plain wonderful. As I write this down, I can’t help but close my eyes for a while and immerse myself into the almost dreamy idea of a morning that is effortlessly invigorating.

Last weekend was one of those lovely days. My family and I went to Tagaytay early morning to celebrate Father’s Day. We grabbed some breakfast at Breakfast at Antonio’s as suggested by me and I’m glad the place and the food turned out to be really good. My family liked it. 🙂

This was my outfit: 

sonya's7Haha. I know. I’m such a sucker for mood boards. 😛 If you haven’t noticed, I think I just  wore the collage of flowers that I made above.

And because we went out in the morning, I tried to keep things pretty and easy on the eyes. No dark colors. No sparkles. No shiny details. No structured silhouette. Instead, I opted for a light-washed denim polo and a floral skirt.

sonya's1I intentionally matched my shoes with my bag. I thought a pop of yellow gave the look the final happy touch to it. Yeah. I’m not scared to play with colors.I love mixing and matching ’em up. 🙂

Recently Updated12Parisian shoes, Unica Hija bag


Now, enough about fashion. Let’s move on to the other important part of this post: Breakfast. ❤

I love breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day. I love how easy it is to prepare yet how enjoyable it can be. I think it was meant to be that way because God wants us to always begin our day with happiness without having to do much.sonya's4

This is what we were served at Breakfast at Antonio’s. My favorite was dad’s medium-rare steak and my sister’s eggs benedict. 🙂  The food in this restaurant were a bit expensive but papa said it was worth it. LOL great! cause he was paying anyways :))


It also doesn’t help that they have great interiors. I love how they made the place very relaxed and inviting. They have these fine nets for a wall which makes the resto look bigger than it really is and which lets in the cool Tagaytay breeze every so often. It’s pretty clever if you ask me. They used nature from the outside as an instant decor. Talk about capitalizing on positive externalities ( i learned something from Economics. lol)sonya's5

The Devil’s Delight took me to heaven. The chocolate ice cream perfectly complemented the chocolate pancakes and the strawberry jam. We did away with the available syrup because we’re afraid it would make it too sweet. The trio was more than enough to make a fantastic breakfast/dessert.

Antonio’s House Salad paired with their home-made pineapple vinaigrette  was also a winner that morning. A must-try for all breakfast lovers out there. ❤

Recently Updated14The dear familiar faces I was talking about earlier. 🙂

Breakfast at Antonio’s was true to its name: It is every bit a breakfast place. I should also mention that aside from delicious breakfasts and a very laid back interior, I also fancied the uniforms of the staff. Male waiters wore a french chef’s outfit sans the beret while the receptionists donned the classic black “french maid” dresses complete with the white ruffly apron and head piece. They were really nice to look at. 🙂

 If you are a morning person, this restaurant is something that you should try. They sell breakfasts not merely as a meal but as an experience.


However, it doesn’t have to cost us much to have our own version of a lovely morning. As i’ve said, breakfast recipes are the easiest to cook. Happy moments like this can happen in our very own little houses. If you were to take my suggestion, you just need (1) a pocket of nature – it can be as grand as a patio overlooking a garden or as simple as a small vase with cute little daises in it; (2) A well-cooked food in your plate; and (3) a dear familiar face which can be your parents’, your husband’s, your children’s or simply, yours. 🙂

That is my definition of a perfect morning. What’s yours? 🙂


Inspired by this post? feel free to share d page to others and lets spread happy mornings to those who need it! 


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