Last of the Blues

3 Jul

I started sorting out my clothes based on particular colors for reasons I’ll tel you guys soooooon (hopefully 😀 ) and I noticed that I have way too many blue dresses in my closet. In fact, this blog’s fashion posts also feature mostly blue dresses. Uhh. Why? lol. I never realized that I’ve been buying lots of clothes in this color. It’s not even my favorite. eh?

 Anyways, allow me to dispose of my last set of blue outfit pics now. Let’s get BLUE over with once and for all so I can give way to my outfits with a more cheerful tone. I’ll make this quick because I’m really sleepy lol.

xmas brigola - Copy Dark blue maxi dress worn with black & gold accessories. 

And yes, red lips and rep nails are a must. :))

Can I just say, I had to tiptoe in this pic because I’m a short girl and maxi dresses make me look even shorter and so yes, tiptoe-ing was my pathetic attempt to add me some height. haha. 😛

xmas brigolaThe real reason I bought this dress is because of the big reveal at the back 😉 Sexy right? lol. I mean, I wouldn’t buy a dress that drowns me unless there’s a wonderful detail that draws me into it. That open back was too irresistible. 😀

Oh, here’s a fashion tip for you: if the fabric of a dress you want to buy is not of a very good quality, choose the version of the dress in a dark color. It will somehow hide the cheap quality of the fabric and will make the dress look more classy than it really is.

My dress’ material is cotton but I got it for a very cheap price of Php 400.00 (this is cheap for a maxi dress) in a shop in Baclaran. Naturally, the quality isn’t as great as that of other well known brands that’s why I had to choose the dark blue version instead of the white one even though the latter is one of my favorite colors.

xmas brigola - Copy - Copy
There you have it: yet another blue dress of mine lol. Hopefully the next outfit post is of a happier color. 🙂 haha

Hope you had a wonderful day! Bed time for me. 🙂


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