10 Jul

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. We celebrated it with dinner at the newly opened branch of Crisostomo at Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City. Despite the heavy rains brought about by the typhoon, we still managed to go out and bond. Dining out has always been our default family time. We’re not big movie goers and my parents are not so much of thrill seekers but every time there’s an occasion, it’s imperative that we eat out.

Last time, I promised you guys that my next outfit post would not be blue. LOL. And I’m happy to announce that my clothes last night were far from it. Anyways, I was somehow inspired by Kate Middleton’s outfits circulating the net lately (where she’s wearing a white dress during Charlotte’s christening) – very chic, clean and comfy. And I tried to infuse those elements into this:

Yes, the typhoon presented an opportunity for me to wear my trench coat again lol. Being in a tropical country, weather’s almost always too hot or humid (yes even if it’s raining) to don a trench coat. So, yesterday was a chance I could not miss. haha.

 Paired it with off-white pants, a pair of gold shoes from Parisian, Dorothy Perkins bag and gold accessories from Baclaran bangketa  (sort of like a flea market in other countries). haha.


I have this thing for fancy, well lit, cozy restaurants. I get excited when a restaurant’s interiors  are elegantly put together, with lots of whites, lights, and plants. oh and of course,  let’s not forget the nicely plated food.  I’m not a big fan of expensive buffets and of Chinese restaurants, what with their standard 10-seater round tables, dragon images and feng sui porcelains etc. Not my type of place, although I do appreciate the food 🙂

Jpeg This particular branch of Crisostomo has magnificent interiors. And it’s very spacious too. Its open-below was the key to achieving that very regal feel to it. I mean, just look at the blend of the tree and the chandelier!  =)



crisostomo1Anyways, this is how my outfit looks like sans the coat. Hidden by it was this emerald green bodycon dress from Forever 21 which I used as a top. 😉

More pictures from last night: Jpeg

crisostomo3 Jpeg


Jpeg Happy birthday mom! 🙂 I Love you!! ❤


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