12 Jul

The cosmos is the universe regarded as a complex yet orderly system; it is the opposite of chaos.

Funny that it is also a name for a genus of flowers with a variety of happy colors ranging from pink, yellow, and bright orange.  My mom just picked some of these from her garden. I’ve read these are easy to grow and maintain.

11742892_1672365536332234_1279389131867883227_nI am back at my parent’s house for the weekend before I start on my new job tomorrow (which is a job I’ve always wanted, and would pay pretty decently too). As it has always been a favorite routine of mine ever since I lived here for a close 3 weeks after my classes last June, I sat down the patio with a coffee on one hand, and two blocks of chocolate on the other, with all these pretty plants surrounding me, and Tuta (one of our 3 dogs and my favorite I must say) happily playing at the front yard. All as I type away from my laptop for my blog because I can….

My life is easy.

Too easy. 

11703016_1672370862998368_606753085857996359_nIn another city, one friend of mine is battling Stage IV lymphoma. He is only 24. He is the sole breadwinner of his family. I’ve never gotten the chance to visit him in the hospital because I’m to chicken to go alone.  I don’t think I can handle seeing someone I know go through an illness I’ve always considered the scariest and most painful. I can’t even begin to imagine how I’m going to handle it if that happened to me.

On the other side of the planet, another friend is struggling to make ends meet, facing a very tough crisis  albeit only temporarily ( i trust), and yet she still chooses to deal with it on her own.

And all I can do is pray that both of them are kept safe. And then I sip my coffee and eat the breakfast that was cooked for me by someone else. All of a sudden all of my worries in life are rendered trivial.

No. being “stuck” in law school is not a problem because my parents are paying for my education. No. having very minimal savings is not a problem because we are nonetheless well provided for (In the Philippines, children don’t to move out when they’re 18. We usually stay with our parents and siblings until we decide to marry.) No. being heart broken is not a problem because it doesn’t deprive you of the beauty of the world. No. I don’t have a problem in life, at least not as grave as the problems of other people.

I am here, enjoying free meals, free internet, a free garden, a free big house, free time – all products of the toils of my dear parents. And yes I’m almost ashamed to say that my life is easy. And more ashamed to have even felt like my world was falling apart at some point in my life when in reality, it has always been well arranged, well maintained and well insured. Free from real chaos. 11221588_1672365549665566_972291115196745646_n

Life is never perfect, not for anybody it isn’t. But there are so many things to be thankful for. And affording a beautiful Sunday morning is one of them. Having the time to smell the roses (or cosmos for that matter) is one of them. Seeing your parents grow old together is one of them. Eating three times a day is one of them. Breathing. Sleeping. Waking up is one of them.


My life so far is a cosmos.  And I am thankful that my years have been relatively easy for me. However, I recognize that I am too inexperienced at life considering that I’ve never been into any serious trouble or struggle so far. Not that I’m asking for one. Please, God, no. But if ever I encounter the same hardships, I only wish that I get the same amount of strength, hope, and resilience of my dear friends in it right now.


Knocking on the hearts of my good readers and fellow bloggers. Let’s help my friend battle cancer. Any amount of donation will go a long way. Visit the fundraiser page for him


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