Watercolor Wednesday: Cherry Blossoms

15 Jul

I’ve decided to add a regular feature in this blog and I’m calling it Watercolor Wednesdays. Watercolor painting is a very recent hobby of mine. I discovered this new passion just around this year or maybe last year? when I started using watercolor as a coloring medium for my fashion illustrations.  To learn how to paint has been an item in my bucket list but I didn’t really think I would be so into watercolor painting specifically until recently.

Anyways I’m sharing two paintings of cherry blossoms. As if it’s not yet obvious, I’m obsessed over these flowers and I don’t understand why. Maybe because it gives off a very light, romantic, pretty vibe and that’s what I’m trying to make out of my life right now? Or maybe because it’s very easy to paint? lol 🙂


The picture above is the product of my first ever attempt to watercolor-paint. Hence the simplicity. The one below is a happier version of it – blue skies and livelier flowers and an overall busier scene. 11008767_1622272984674823_6786054510568911315_n I’m not so sure if i’m good at water color painting. Maybe not… yet. But what I’m sure of is it delights me every time i hold on to a brush and start pretending I’m a master at it. haha. It makes me happy pursuing creative hobbies. And that’s the only thing that matters after all, right? 🙂

Have a nice day! ❤ 🙂


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