Heaven and Eggs

16 Jul

Dreaming of savoring a heavenly breakfast today.

Because I woke up a little late. and had to eat my breakfast hurriedly… sigh.

Rushing the morning is something i’m trying to avoid. Simply because it deprives me of enjoying my favorite meal of the day. Oh well…

Now what’s the kind of good morning that’s on my mind today? hmmmm..

this kind:


This was a breakfast date I shared with my friends (UP Law block mates) some months ago. We came from a hearing at Makati City Hall and we decided we were all hungry. haha. We had a hearty breakfast at Heaven and Eggs in Glorietta. 🙂

It was a great morning indeed.  We shared good stories, good laughs, and a hell lot of good food. 🙂


I’m dreaming of the yummy Eggs Benedict with asparagus I ordered. It was the best Eggs Ben i’ve ever tasted thus far.


I’m dreaming of …. okay, i have to apologize for forgetting what this breakfast set is called  because it was delicious like crazy and it doesn’t deserve to be forgotten.  It was Rheena’s food and yes I’m dreaming of Rheena’s food. All of it including the grilled tomato. I read somewhere that cooked tomatoes are more nutritious than the raw ones. I’m no nutrition expert but cooked tomatoes taste better anyways! haha


Lastly, I’m dreaming of  — Drum rolls please — these very delightful fruits and waffles. This dessert won me completely that day. Or I’m just biased because desserts are my favorite part of a meal. any meal.  And this one is divine. And I want a divine breakfast right now… 😦


And I miss these two people… they helped me a lot when I was at the brink of breaking down in law school last semester. When they noticed that I was having a hard time, they started inviting me out to lunch and they’d console me and encourage me, and they’d listed to me intently. 🙂

I don’t have a gazillion friends but the few ones that I have rock!!! 🙂


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