Watercolor Wednesdays: Lavender

22 Jul

It’s a bit late and I’m ready to doze off but here I am forcing my eyes to stay open for just a very quick post because I want to keep up with my self-imposed commitments (i.e. Watercolor Wednesdays). 🙂


Lavender flowers, painted by moi. ❤

Lavender flowers are perennials, which means they grow back on their own year after year.

If only all the beautiful things in this world are like that: everlasting, enduring, constant – then maybe I wouldn’t have to be a little bit sad tonight, a little bit unsure, a little bit worried and a little bit confused. Hhhhm but on second thought, maybe some things are meant to end at some point so we could appreciate them more. Maybe, these things’ beauty resides in their fleetingness. Or maybe these things are still beautiful even though they are destined to die down or fade.

Yes, I’m talking about love. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, i hold on to the fantasy of finding one great love. It is the one thing that I wish is as perennial as lavenders. But disappointments cannot be helped. Love sometimes doesn’t last a lifetime and I know I should be fine with that…. but.i’m.not. However, I do know that our relationships and feelings which had to end don’t lose their value in our lives. They can still be beautiful if we consider them as lessons learned, and if we treasure them as memories.

I guess I’m just tired of going through one definite affair after another without giving myself enough time and space to breathe that’s why I sometimes fail to see the blessing in each endeavor that ended. I better chill. Things happen and un-happen for a reason. Maybe it’s not yet that time of the year when lavenders are supposed to thrive. 🙂


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