I Promise

8 Aug

You have to forgive me for not updating this blog regularly. It’s hard to juggle work, school and blogging all at the same time. I’m trying though and I hope you all understand 🙂

Today I’m gonna share some pictures from our quick trip to the “most beautiful Starbucks in the Philippines”, or so an online article says. Sometimes, online reviews of restaurants/ coffee shops can be biased. lol. Don’t get me wrong this Starbucks at Twin Lakes,Tagaytay is “beautiful” yes, but “most” is kind of arguable hehe. Nonetheless, the place was romantic enough for me especially come sunset. And the Tagaytay air was very cold, but not too cold. It was just perfect. 🙂


11695808_1676986589203462_3798912977539405179_n A lot of spots in Tagaytay I consider as a piece of paradise: a place of timeless harmony, of peace, of comfort, and of meaningful pleasure. In places such as this, time slows down. Ironically, I deliberately look for this kind of place only to be lured by it to look within me.

11796460_1676986725870115_1385436953666822191_n A Thomas Merton once said that if we seek paradise outside ourselves, we cannot have paradise in our hearts. As much as I want to rebel over the idea, i do get his point. Perhaps it just depends on what paradise is for each of us, not in its literal meaning but in a much deeper sense. While there is nothing wrong in researching nice places to visit, we must take caution in revering anything in this world too much to the point that our happiness depends on that and that alone.

SbForever 21 cropped lace top, shorts from Baclaran, earrings from Divisoria, Parisian shoes, Kate Spade bag

911745378_1676986759203445_8072542920747621061_nI’m breaking off my chains. I have the tendency to chase and to keep an obviously worn-out relationship going because I’ve always equated the men I love/like as my paradise. It feels like losing them means losing my perfect harmony, peace and pleasure. But this time, I’ll try not to be afraid of being alone anymore. Sb111701152_1676986552536799_7724195597280379235_n  A few weeks back, I wrote  about the Sweetness of Being Alone. While I was writing that entry, I was merely thinking of the sweetness there is in occasionally  spending recreational time without company. However, it seems wiser to broaden the context of that title and apply it to a facet of my life that sometimes blinds me and stops me from finding the paradise within.


11267666_1676986372536817_153407511117401787_n  “There’s so much more to life than finding someone who will want you, or being sad over someone who doesn’t. There’s a lot of wonderful time to be spent discovering yourself without hoping someone will fall in love with you along the way, and it doesn’t need to be painful or empty. You need to fill yourself up with love. Not anyone else. Become a whole being on your own. Go on adventures, fall asleep in the woods with friends, wander around the city at night, sit in a coffee shop on your own, write on bathroom stalls, leave notes in library books, dress up for yourself, give to others, smile a lot. Do all things with love, but don’t romanticize love like you can’t survive without it. Live for yourself and be happy on your own. It isn’t any less beautiful, I promise.”   – Emery Allen

11707571_1676986072536847_6709385228033358686_nSb2 So, I think I’m gonna spend the few months ahead learning to fully appreciate my being single and available in the meantime. And I PROMISE IT’S GONNA BE GREAT!!!

11221585_1676986005870187_840277569386187406_nThat’s it for today! 🙂 I hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday! 🙂


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