Pop Star Dreams I

13 Aug

One of my childhood fantasies is to be Jennifer Lopez. Sometimes it’s Thalia, sometimes Shakira, but most of the time JLo. I’ve always been drawn to the seeming “glitz and glam” of Hollywood pop stars – the older ones that is (not a big fan of the lost teenage singers who sing profanity). Anyways, last November, we had our graduation shoot in law school – I paid for a package that includes formal, sablay, toga and creative shots. I didn’t get to graduate on time but as a consolation, i super duper loved the final product of my creative shoot. And I’m sharing them with you today 🙂


I was inspired by JLo’s look in her music video of ‘Get Right’. However, it was pretty tough finding very similar pieces of clothing so I settled for this ensemble. I loved it anyway 😉


I was wearing extensions/wig here. Underneath all those hair was my natural afro carefully ponytailed and concealed. 😉


I gained most of my friends’ approval on the pictures. One of my friends (Phoebs) said that these were the best creative shots she ever saw. 🙂 Awww.


Btw, these photos are not photoshopped. The soft copies were given to me raw and I edited them in Picasa  – my very trusty, computer-illiterate-friendly software haha. Naaah I find Picasa simpler and therefore easier to use.



Lol pardon the last picture. When I fantasize, I fantasize really hard haha! The culmination of my Popstar Dreams: a self-titled album cover hahaha. Just playin’! 😛


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