Birds of Paradise

26 Aug

Last night while having dinner, I told my mom that I’ve subscribed to some garden / country-living blogs and I thought she’d gain a good following too if she would start her own. But since she is kinda “computer-illiterate” (i’m being kind by using “kinda” lol) I dismissed the idea right in her face haha. 😛

1394196_629207990451519_414266481_nI envision my future dream house to be a simple (beach) cottage (somewhere Florida-, Australia- or Tuscany-like) with a beautiful front or back yard. In this regard, I’ve always wished to have my mom’s green thumb. Unfortunately, all I could do is behold from afar the beauty her hands could produce. And maybe, blog about it for her. 😉

75509_629207977118187_729313092_nI think having a home that we are so in love with is very enriching to the soul. Imagine waking up everyday to a beautiful surrounding, with colorful flowers silently greeting us “good morning”. That kind of feeling must be priceless. It makes you want to be a cheerful and kind person for the rest of the day! haha.

998318_629208200451498_1056068427_nMom doesn’t have to buy artificial ornaments to display in the house. Her vases are adorned with flowers that are freshly picked from the outside. Each week is a different concoction which will delight any person that gets easily bored (like me). 1382810_629208370451481_1475356819_nSomeday, I’ll have my own place and I swear I will make it as pretty, relaxing and inspiring as it could possibly be. And yes, I will have lovely (and fresh) centerpieces like this too.

944273_629208383784813_2069810079_nAaaaaaah. I can’t wait to have my own house already! Meanwhile, I shall work hard and save hard and just continue dreaming and blogging about my aspirations in life.  🙂 ❤

I hope these photos inspired you today! 🙂 Have  a great day!! ❤


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