Leisure Lady

12 Sep

I am unapologetically a sucker for pampering and vacations.  I really give importance to leisure and recreation. I try to maintain a good work-life balance because I always end up in a bad state when I try to overwork myself. So it’s quite delighting that my job allows me to visit different places and different hotels once in a while. I get to enjoy their facilities and services and I get to taste their food all for free. 🙂 While I am officially at work or “on duty”, to me, getting to be in places like this -no matter how short a time – is already a form of leisure. I really don’t have anything to complain about in my life right now! 🙂11986538_1692700134298774_360067536674133367_nI attended the ASEAN Gender and Development Forum on Tourism for two days which was held at the Diamond Hotel, Manila. On day 2, I came an hour early because I was scared of being stuck in the GREAT Manila traffic.  I was starting to get bored so I decided to go out of the ballroom and explore the hotel since it was my first time there. Well it wasn’t much of an exploring because I totally lost interest in touring when I’ve settled myself by the pool area. Lol.


When you had something like this for a waiting area, it wouldn’t bother you if you have arrived too early, or the event you had to be at started late.

1513827_1692700624298725_8481858140037612848_nTook a selfie just because. lol. I almost ordered a drink but realized that we’d be having free snacks and lunch in the event later so it would be a waste of money.


Sometimes, I role-play in my head too much. That time, I had to slap my face (figuratively) back to the reality that I am not, after all, a part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. hahaha. :)) Although, if you’d put me in the same table with them while they are brunching at  Villa Blanca on a hassle free weekday, I am confident that my outfit will blend with theirs just fine – what with my animal print chiffon scarf and my passive-aggressive dress (mistulang pa-corporate pero may kabogerang asymmetrical cut na ganap sa harap) . HAHAHA. :))


Anyways, I was impressed with Diamond Hotel’s staff. They were very, very accommodating and warm to their guests. While I know that this is protocol in all hotels, some fall a little short in making their guests feel really at home, welcome  and important. But not this one. 🙂

11237578_1692700580965396_5992927438189071869_nLovin’ the artificial mini-falls. It makes the outdoors much more pleasant and relaxing. Would’ve loved to take a plunge into the pool if only I was there for pure pleasure. 🙂

And this is me after shamelessly asking a utility person to take a picture of me. He was more than willing to do so. In fact he took 3 photos! hahahaha. 11960242_1692700477632073_1081795865823990177_nWhat is this life so full of care, that we don’t have time to stand and stare” – William Henry Davies


This was my spot while waiting for the conference to start. In a short one hour of my free time, I managed to review my notes from day 1 of the ASEAN conference, read a few pages of Agatha Christie’s and even write on my journal. 🙂

“Leisure time should be an occasion for deep purpose to throb and for ideas to ferment. Where a [person] allows leisure to slip without some creative use, he has forfeited a bit of happiness.” – C. Neil Strait


So that’s all for today! 🙂 I hope you are all having a great Saturday night! 🙂 Tomorrow’s a busy day for me so I really have to sleep now. 🙂 Leaving you with this collage of inspiration:



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