27 Sep

Every new beginning is only possible through another beginning’s end. Come to think of it, starting over is an inevitable part of the cycle of life,  yet we people try to avoid endings as much as we can in fear of feeling sad even though we know that it as fleeting as happiness, and that sooner or later we are to move on – yes we all move on. Attachment is a vicious illusion. It blindsides us and scares us. It makes us go against the wave when really what we only need to do is go with the flow.

You ever wonder why sunsets are so beautiful? You ever wonder why despite it’s being inherently melancholic, people still patiently wait for it? We sit and witness the sun go down and hide itself from the horizon, unafraid of the ensuing unlit hours. We watch our day end with all intent and awe and we drift away with our dreams for tomorrow even though we all know that we have to go through the darkness of the night first.


Endings must be welcomed like a sunset: We must embrace the sadness in it without letting its beauty sink unnoticed. Sadness and longings are part of life. It is unwise to deny them when we feel them as this will only prolong our grieving. It is ok to be sad when we lose something we truly love or care for. We shouldn’t fear this feeling as it is artful and lovely in its own understated wayDSC_0085DSC_0075Forever 21 glasses, Icaguera swimsuit 😉 , boho vest from SM Dept. Store

DSC_1267“If your eyes are blinded with your worries, you cannot see the beauty of the sunset.”  — Jiddu Krishnamurti


Detachment is an art I am recently discovering and which I wish to be a master of someday.  I personally believe though that it is not  the ability to be perfectly happy despite experiencing loss. To me that is indifference. Detachment is being able to let go gracefully, which implies being able to face and embrace the sadness the comes with it,  hopeful and aware that it will go away soon.


Life can be appreciated in several different ways. As they say the only difference between an extraordinary life and an ordinary one is the extraordinary pleasure we see in ordinary things – sadness included. DSC_0119

“Why is sunset more colorful than sunrise? It is an irony of life saying that sometimes good things happen in goodbyes.” – anonymous

Wonderful Sunday everyone! 🙂
photos taken at Potipot Island, Zambales, Philippines.


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