Life is a Beach

14 Oct

I’ve always been a lover of life. There’s just so much about this world we live in that is to be discovered, realized and experienced and it makes me want to reach a hundred years, or even a thousand. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of agony and stresses but in the grand scheme of things they’re nothing compared to the constant wonder I experience.

One of the things that never fail to leave me breathless is the beach, especially the peaceful, crowd-less ones (Never again, Boracay).  If given the chance, I’d like to live by the beach someday, in a lovely cottage house that is neither too big nor too small. I’d ask my mom to come over every two weeks or so so she could put up and maintain a small garden for me because yes, I like flowers too. On weekends, I’m gonna wake up early and prepare myself a hearty breakfast (i’m no chef but I believe I’m good at making breakfasts). After the morning routine is done, I’ll play my guitar at the patio and then grab lunch in an alfresco diner and then spend the rest of the afternoon swimming in the sea or playing with the sand. Aaaah. It’s a good thing dreaming comes for free. LOL.


But since my someday is not yet today, quick beach getaways like the one we had a few months back shall do. My photos were taken at Potipot Island, Zambales. It was a long drive to the place from Manila but it was so worth it. It was my kind of heaven! 🙂

I wanted to blog about this (and also the previous post entitled Sunset) sooner but I was debating on whether or not it is smart to post bikini pictures of me in the internet. Obviously, bikini pictures won. hahaha. (Hi dad. don’t be mad hehe) That’s the thing with beaches too, they offer me so much liberation. I know that freedom always comes with the possibility of danger but I honestly think I haven’t taken enough risks in my life yet.

DSC_0083 Anyways, beach posts are very apt today. I”ve had a bad morning and I need happy thoughts right now. This is the kind of day when I just want to drive off to a far far away province (though I don’t know how to drive haha) and hit its beach instead. I started my day charmingly, but my perfect morning was ruined by a rude cab driver. And I came a minute late (a minute! huhu) to work when I promised myself never to be late again. 😦 So allow me to just think about the beach right now. While I cannot physically go there, at least I get to relive my previous wonderful trips vicariously through this blog 🙂

More inspiring pics from our trip to Potipot:

DSC_1223DSC_1393 DSC_1333




Recently Updated37To a happier rest of the day! Cheers! 🙂


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