Todd English

3 Nov

For the second installment of my birthday celebration, my family and I went to Todd English Food Hall for lunch. We were supposed to go to Resorts World Manila but detoured to Bonifacio Global City after seeing the traffic right in front of Newport area.  

I’ve read about Todd English Food Hall from kuya Pat’s blog ( but never really got the chance to try it out ’til this day.

The place is really big and it is posh. However, going there 1pm on the dot was not a very good idea as it was really jam-packed with hungry patrons.  I hate (over) crowded restaurants. For one, you cannot expect service crews to attend to your needs immediately because they have to deal with a looooot of people (…and of course, you have to understand the situation.Just to clarify, I am not a difficult customer. On the contrary we were brought up to be very polite and kind to waiters). Second, it is noisy. Third, i cannot fully enjoy the ambience that the resto ought to imbibe because there are too many distractions. But that’s just me. 😛 Each of us has his/her our own kaartehan in life. lol.

Colorful refreshments. (not-so) Green Mango shake and watermelon shake for mom and me.

Lobster and guacamole. But as per my mom’s comment, it is better off called guacamole alone because the lobster was almost non-existent lol. Not a big fan of avocados sans sugar but this dish was good enough.

Seafood galore. My order 🙂

This is me all dolled up. haha.


Brother’s choice. Always the burger orderer haha.

Pork chop that tastes divine. Easily the best dish on the table. I dare say it tastes even better than the expensive rib-eye steak dad ordered for himself. haha.

Family selfie. 😉

Spaghetti with meatballs again for my brother who said it tastes “too pang-mayaman” for his pallete (no, it is not a positive comment.)

The steak I was talking about earlier. 😀

My outfit for that day:


I was supposed to wear a pair of Navy blue high-waist flannel pants that would’ve given the whole ensemble a corporate-elegant vibe, but upon seeing the get-up of everybody else I decided to just wear jeans instead. lol. I forgot to send them a memo that the dress-code is “fashiown!” hahaha.

After lunch, we headed to Malcolm Deli for coffee and snacks.


A Sunday afternoon well-spent. Always so when I’m with my family. 🙂 ❤


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