Little White Dress

17 Nov

We all know the rule that every woman should have her own little black dress. While I do have my own LBD, or two, or five — I personally think this rule must definitely cover a white dress too.


White is my personal favorite in terms of clothing color. I find it really chic and elegant. While LBDs give off a classic, sexy vibe, a white dress with good quality is very easy on the eyes and it makes a person look happier, lighter, more cheerful and laid back. 🙂

I paired my white dress with emerald green earrings, gold necklace and gold shoes. To complete the polished, crisp look I was going for, I opted to style my hair in a clean bun. 😉

Recently Updated40This dress is one of the most overused dresses in my closet. I just love it so much I keep on wearing it especially when I need to “dress to impress” haha. It’s my staple outfit when I need to look really presentable.

Bag gifted by my Tita Lorna, plaid scarf from mom.

Gibi shoes, Dress from Baclaran

Recently Updated41I consider this dress a very good steal because it looks divine even though I just got it from Baclaran for P350.00.  If my memory serves me right, I think in my entire life I have never bought myself a dress more expensive than P800.00 (except for my college graduation dress that cost P3,000.00). And I am not ashamed to say that almost all my clothes are indeed cheap (price wise). I think I have a talent in spotting quality clothes that are worth more than what they cost. 😉 hahaha. Hire me now as a professional shopper! 😀

That’s all for today! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


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