Perhaps Love

21 Nov

As I write this post, I am listening to one of John Denver’s beautiful songs: Perhaps Love. In the song, he keeps on defining what romantic love might be, but he makes sure to never show certainty on any one statement he made.

Love is indeed confusing. It consists of too many things and it is, I must say, larger than life. Romantic love is perceived differently by different people. And I think it is where the beauty of it resides – We can only describe how it makes us feel and it is always personal to us, but we can never really box it into one definition.

Speaking of romance, here is a dress that I think looks really romantic :), what with its deep violet hue and monochromatic floral patterns:

P_20150320_222921_BF As a sucker for anything sweet, I am easily drawn to things that speak to my heart- just like this dess! (haha maka-segue lang!) In fact, I believe this blog exists as it is because I am so in touch with my emotions. I don’t like talking about intellectual stuff unless required by the situation because that often tires me. I just let my feelings write for me. And when I do, it is usually enough to make me happy 🙂

P_20150320_222928_BF Some say love is holding on, and some say letting go. Some say love is everything, and some say they don’t know 

Hmmm. I am still waiting for that one great love to come to my life. And I am trying to do the waiting with eagerness, not desperation. Thing is, it is so hard to find love that is so pure and so intense at the same time.  They keep on saying I might have high standards for men that’s why I’m still single but I know from the bottom of my heart that this is not true. I don’t have strict standards for guys I would date. However, I realized that while I do not require men to be rich, handsome, tall and perfect before I entertain them, I do have high standards for the kind of love that I want to feel…


I want that kind of love that is drowning, maddening and just full of wonder and climax and surprises. lol. I tend to get bored with love that comes softly, love that is so steady and love that feels safe. While I acknowledge that love takes different forms and manifestations, I gravitate more to where the “grand show” is. And maybe, that is the reason why I’m still single. My standards for the feeling that I wanna get out of a relationship is too damn twisted. lol.  Romance for me has to be the kind that shoots for the stars and all that jazz.  And if I don’t get it, I leave, or quit.

P_20150320_223023dress from Landmark, belt from SM Dept. Store

P_20150320_223449Parisian doll shoes 

P_20150320_223129Primadonna bag

P_20150320_223313 “Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, It’s a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn’t be one of them.” -Dream for an Insomniac

So I am intense. So I am more passionate than I am logical. I am drawn to drama yes… but all I gotta say about that is: Blame it on my zodiac sign! haha.  Hmmm. I don’t really aim to change my outlook in love anytime soon. I mean, the heart wants what it wants, right? LOL. I do see the possibility that my priorities and values might shift and change when I grow older, and if that time comes then lucky me coz then I’d be able to stick with love that is “ordinary”. But until such time, I think I just have to pray harder for the realization of my “impossible” dreams. After all, I am a die-hard believer of miracles and fairy tales! 😉

How about you? What kind of love are you drawn to? 🙂


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