Platforms and All

29 Nov

Today I wanna talk about this blog, and how it is doing as compared to my old blog, and how it frustrates me and makes me proud at the same time. LOL weird right? well hear me out.

First, I am a bit frustrated that this blog lacks updating and proper promotional strategy.  As much as I want to, I don’t have the time to promote the blog anymore in different platforms. I don’t get to regularly visit other blogs where I can advertise my own site, and i’ve deleted my old facebook which had 1800++ friends thereby reducing my potential readers.  My old blog MalcolmFabness got around 200 views per blog entry whereas this one only gets around 30 to 50.  In less than a year, Malcolmfabness managed to get a total of 10,000++ views while the total views of A Charmed Life is still stuck at 3,000++. . It’s such a shame because this blog is supposed to be my “dream blog”, my “happy life blog”, this is even in my bucket list!

I’ve mentioned in my previous posts that I like the style of this new blog. Also, I like that most of my pictures here were taken in really nice places. Malcolmfabness is notorious for low res pictures with really bad background (read: cable wires, electric posts, rusty gates, etc.). Therefore, it kind of saddens me that A Charmed life is not getting the views that it deserves (haha at least from my own assessment).

Inspite of all of these, I still consider this new blog a personal achievement. I still love it and I still am happy I have launched it. It may not be as popular as Malcolmfabness but it does reflect the new and improved Janica. 🙂 Every time I back-read, I always find myself smiling with content and satisfaction. In retrospect, I don’t have any regrets. I guess I just have to work on promoting the site. I have to make time for it and I can only do that if I start decluttering my life. I NEED MORE TIME! loool

Anyways, enough of the rants now.

Allow me to share an outfit that I really love. This dress is my favorite among all my clothes thus far. And I’m pretty sure my dad will approve of it 😀



I wore this dress once at work and one of my office mates said that it was too long to actually be mine. haha. It is quite a conservative dress. And conservative dresses don’t normally catch my attention but there’s something about this one that got me hooked. lol. Maybe it’s the color? or the cut?

P_20150320_230718Platforms from Parisian

blog4Kate Spade bag, Belt from SM Dept. Store

P_20150320_230428_BF Dress from Landmark

P_20150320_230230_BF “Anything the gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.”

Passion, they say, is the key to achieving dreams. We have to find it and pursue it as this is what gives our lives meaning. Fashion-blogging is one of the things I have passion for. It is something I willingly do even though I don’t get paid for  it and even though it takes up a big chunk of my time. Regardless of the number of views I get, this blog is one of the things I really treasure in life. It’s like my own little world away from reality. It’s a corner that’s mine and mine alone and I get to be who I I am and who I want to be here both at the same time.

blog5“Take time to do what makes your soul really happy.”

I will not go as far as calling myself a fashion expert, but I am a self-confessed fashion lover. It’s hard to explain it to other people but fashion to me is more than the clothes and the shoes themselves. It is an art. My sister would always give snide remarks about my obsession in photographing my clothes and shoes and even nicely plated food. Perhaps other people think this way about me too. But this is more than just about vanity, you know. I once dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. It was my childhood dream. Though that aspiration seems so far away from being achieved now, I still see to it that my passion for fashion is expressed in alternative outlets. And I am happy fashion-blogging. And I shall continue doing this just because.  hehe. 😉

Lovely Sunday morning everyone!


7 Responses to “Platforms and All”

  1. Seyra November 29, 2015 at 6:34 am #

    Love the shoes!

    – Seyra

  2. batangmaynila November 29, 2015 at 2:04 pm #

    Keep doing what you love, Janica! I always look forward to your blog posts. I am happy that you are pursuing your passion for fashion. 🙂

  3. DILKASH SHAYARI April 28, 2016 at 4:23 am #


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