Renaissance Man

5 Jan

I walked into his pad at the 35th floor. I didn’t expect to be awed but the grand piano sitting so prominently at the front right side of the house welcomed me as I stepped through the door.

His house was corner to corner reflective of him:  grandiose, minimalist, freakishly clean, and quite intimidating. I personally think it was too big for a bachelor.  The house’s entire right wall was made of glass which allowed you to look down on the whole Metropolitan Manila. I bet anyone would feel privileged being there. I could tell he gets lonely a lot though. I felt it in his house. The fantasticness of it only lasts a few days. After a while, it just eats you up  – and you find yourself waking up to a hollow and quiet space. I wouldn’t wanna be there without him. The place would only light up with his presence: regardless of whether he was there being the boss that he’s always been, or when he’s being the musician that didn’t care about the worries of the world, or when he would totally let his guard down and transform into(finally)  a human being in front of me.

The man’s a billionaire. He drove a BMW, owned a multi-national company which had acquired multiple companies in the music industry, and had a massive factory overseas. Heck he had one community in a faraway province of China named after him. He was once called a renaissance man by one of his peers. Not sure if that person was telling the truth or just kissing ass but either way it was very revealing of who this so-called renaissance man really was. My jaw had dropped countless times with every new discovery.

He was the most eccentric person I’ve ever met in my entire life. He wore the same all-black casual clothes all the time, ate literally the same organic breakfast everyday,he was very health conscious, tyrannical and unpopular (at least to those he had fired), extremely organized, unforgiving with his time (he works literally 24/7 a day), and had an unfathomably beautiful blue eyes.

Ah. those blue eyes.

He was very handsome. Blonde hair and all. He’s tall and fit. He’s annoyingly neat. He had a very arresting smile — or maybe it was just so because a smile from him was rare. His mind never left his office even though he was in a coffee shop eating a cookie and drinking a cup of latte on a lovely Saturday afternoon… with me. He was most of the time serious and scary. But I liked it. And I liked that all these notwithstanding, he was  kind, respectful and patient with me.

There were times when I thought he was starting to care for me. There were times when he’d let me take a glimpse of his soul – the him that doesn’t need to portray constant strength, power and composure. I’d feel special for experiencing this. I bet only a select few could get this close to him. And then he started asking how I was doing more often. and because of this, I’d miss him often too.

He was merely a friend until that point where I decided I wanted him so badly. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time for a fancy dinner with me. And more unfortunately, I was done settling for coffee.

The end.


2 Responses to “Renaissance Man”

  1. Meike January 5, 2016 at 4:53 pm #

    Sometimes, coffee is more intimate than fancy dinner. Don’t give up too soon, if you think he is worth it. Don’t lose his friendship either; it could prove to be more important than a romantic relationship in the long run.

    • shalloweuphoria January 5, 2016 at 10:40 pm #

      It is too late now. Ive cut all means of contact with the person. Hmm. But who knows i might see him again in d same coffeeshop some months or years from now. 😉

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