Sunday Mornings

18 Jan

Back at my favorite restaurant in Makati early Sunday morning. I decided to have a detox from the chaotic world of dating on this beautiful weekend by taking myself out ( i missed this!) and by splurging on food (too much of it actually). After 5 weeks on Tinder, 9 first dates, 5 awkward refusals for a second date,  and countless of messages to reply to,  I realized that in the end the most comfortable date that I can be in is always a date with myself.

imageAs usual, I preferred to dine alfresco and I got the perfect spot. I was occupying a complete sala set with a low but wide center table that accommodates all my food, my bags, my laptop, my phone and my really, really saturated soul. I stayed there for almost 4 hours and enjoyed every minute of it…

image… I instagrammed, edited pictures for this blog, devised a personal financial plan, pondered about my goals, wondered why my Taxation grade isn’t out yet when enrollment’s almost over, watched videos, obsessed over fashion photos, and did all the fun little things I could think of in the comfort of throw pillows and lovely plants and sunlight and a pleasant outdoor temperature.

imageI’ve always known that I enjoy the company of myself more than the company of others. I can spend a whole day doing loner stuff and not notice how much time has already gone by. I am really more at home when I’m all alone.

imageMy brunch for that day.


imageMy solitary ways may not give me the kind of exuberance that a group of happy friends can supply, but it does give me depth and a smooth downtime. I am not dismissing the company of others as unimportant or a total waste of my time as admittedly, I have had so much thrill and fun when going out with them too. It is just that I cannot afford to lose my me-time and it isn’t just a once-in-awhile thing for me. It is my mainstream.

img_20160117_110708.jpgSunday mornings are MY mornings. It is the day that I cherish the most. And yesterday was one of the best Sunday mornings that I’ve had in a while. I savored my few hours of solitude and liberation and those few hours were enough to re-energize me.

imageNevermind that I overspent. Nevermind that I had a short but really awkward encounter with The Rennaissance Man in the afternoon (damn it, I was not ready to see him that day!). Nevermind that I had to unintentionally let down a friend’s spirit when he asked me to explain to him the real nature of the online internship that he recently got whereby unpaid interns must raise hefty funds for a US-based NGO. Nevermind that a guy that I matched with from a dating app suddenly recognized me at Starbucks and approached our busy table and I didn’t have the time to accommodate his presence while I was in the middle of crushing the ambitious heart of my friend. Nevermind that I had to deal with a very annoying domestic issue later that night. Nevermind that I bumped my head into a solid steel edge of a jeepney and almost fainted out of pain. Nevermind that I was purposely insulted by somebody via text and had to profusely defend myself which just escalated my level of stress, as if i haven’t had enough yet for the day.


Nevermind what happened the rest of my Sunday – where a week’s worth of insane events happened in just a span of 8 hours, right after my brunch at Mary Grace. I guess what’s important is that I really enjoyed my morning. After all, it was only the morning and the brunch that I intentionally woke up for.

To a better week ahead! No to bad vibes! =)


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