Stand Out

23 Jan

Good morning world! It is a lovely Saturday isn’t it? 🙂 Have you heard the news?

YES! I AM FINALLY DONE WITH LAW SCHOOL! I found out last Thursday that I passed my last subject and so I am free from the suffocating walls of Malcolm! Aaaah I cannot even express enough the relief I am feeling right now. God knows how much I’ve suffered and struggled just to get to the finish line. I did 11 semesters of torture, and I attempted to quit 11 times as well (yes. So I am not surprised that finishing law school gave me more of a sense of liberation (finally!) rather than a sense of accomplishment.

But another dilemma presents itself: My parents and a few friends asked me to weigh if I should stop working so I can focus on reviewing for the Bar Exams in November. After a quick deliberation, I gotta be very frank with y’all: quitting my job is NOT even an option I am considering. Heck I’d rather put aside the Bar exams than give up the thing that I’ve prayed for so hard – my job. But no worries… I have almost a year ahead of me so maybe I can just do the reviewing at night after work and on weekends. Let’s see what happens. 😉

Anyways, let me do an outfit post for today. it’s been a while since I last posted about fashion here.  I’m gonna share an ensemble that I am really digging lately.

blog11Wore a monochromatic outfit from head to toe – yes, beige and brown and gold – you know I love these tones! 😉

blog12.jpgTo keep things interesting though, I decided to wear a totally contrasting pair of earrings. I’m aware that wearing too much beige or nudes may tend to make the whole look boring and it seems that my go-to anti-boredom solution is always accessories.

blog14.jpgI decided to put my hair up so that my lovely earrings will be visible. They deserve to shine as they are carrying the whole outfit after all. haha.

P_20150321_002442_BFWhile forest green is a contrast to creamy colors, I believe it compliments them well nonetheless. Plus it looks so regal with gold. Uuuh. It is divine!

I bought these feather babies at Amanda’s Place in SM Manila. I fell in love with ’em in an instant I must say!

blog13Threw on a pair of Parisian shoes, and my trusty brown bag gifted by my aunt Lorna to complete the look. 😉

P_20150321_002122.jpgLol you probably can tell that the photos aren’t recent as my hair has black roots peeping out and my brown curls are like so washed out (LOL Nobody’s perfect not a good hair moment then!). Now my hair is back to black because I wanted to embrace my natural self more. Thing is, I have stocked a few sets of outfit photos but I don’t have the time to blog everyday. So bear with me in the next few posts as I’m gonna be emptying my photo bins first before I make way for new ones with my black hair in it na. hahaha.

That is all for now! Coffeeshop kind of day today. I hope to be productive later. 😉 Meanwhile, back to my coffee and my adobo and rice breakfast!



2 Responses to “Stand Out”

  1. batangmaynila January 23, 2016 at 1:45 am #

    Awesome!!!! Congrats Janica 🙂

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