Balmain Soldier

6 Feb

Yesterday’s outfit of mine was inspired by The Balmain Army which is Balmain’s 2016 Spring Collection theme. I was browsing the web the other night for some recent campaigns and ads of the biggest fashion brands and found this as one of my favorites:

la-modella-mafia-Olivier-Rousteings-Balmain-Army-with-Kim-Kardashian-and-Kendall-Jenner-at-the-Vogue-Paris-Gala-1It so happened that all the elements infused in this collection are sooo my thing: structured silhouettes, earth tones, leopard prints and all that jazz. Anyways, since the aura of the whole army thing is a bit too dramatic and uptight for a typical weekday at the office, I decided I’d tone down the ensemble that I’d be going for. I settled for a look almost this chill:

Kim Kardashian and sister Klhoe Kardashian with a wardrobe malfunction filming KUWK in the Hamptons***NO DAILY MAIL SALES***

Of course I don’t have as much money as the Kardashians, but I tried my best to achieve the look. HAHA. Here is the result:

Recently Updated3

I could not go all-out ‘resorts wear’ like the Kardashians because I was going to work. Nevertheless, Friday is “wash day” in PCW so we kinda have more liberty to dress up a bit more casually and have no color code to follow, hence the short dress and the very maarte scarf.  I was told though by HR that the dress was too short and thus improper for an office attire. hihi sorry po. 😉 Must shop for longer dresses then. 😉

blog16 Scarf from Landmark, Parisian shoes, Beverly Hills watch gifted by my mom.

Military green (or olive green), is a color that complements my morena skin tone so well. It also looks good with brown and with gold. It is a shade of green I rarely see on other women but it really works wonders on me. It also reminds me of Africa. I don’t know why. HAHA.

Collagesdress from Baclaran, belt from SM Dept. Store, bag from Dorothy Perkins

Hmmm. Now, I suddenly miss sketching and designing clothes. I might have forgotten how to draw already. I’ve just recently finished reading The Alchemist which talks endlessly about pursuing our “Personal Legend” and I’m suddenly brought back to my childhood dream of working in the fashion industry. haha. I should probably get back to the hobby of designing, even if only for the fun of it. 😉

Recently Updated5

So that is all for today. I’ll leave you with this collage so you can judge at one glance if I did the Balmain Army Campaign theme some justice.  CHARAUGHT! HAHAHA. makalayas na nga! happy loooong weekend yay!=)


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