Happy Anniversary, Love! :)

14 Jul

This is a day late (and I’m writing this at 11:00 at night and I’m sleepy so pardon the bad writing) …but I would like to tell the whole world that I am celebrating an anniversary with my current love – my job! 🙂

I started working at PCW July 13 of last year, while on my last sem in law school. It seems just like yesterday. I am actually still considered a new hire, a neophyte in the field yet PCW has already opened a lot of opportunities for me which enrich not only my budding career in government but also my calling or advocacy in life. It has taught (and is still teaching) me so many lessons on the one social cause I deeply care about – women’s rights.

There was not a single day that I dreaded the coming of Monday morning. There was not a single time that I felt bad for rendering overtime (even without pay). I guess that’s how I know I am happy with my job.

A big chunk of that happiness I’m pretty sure comes from my work environment. Needless to say, I have the best bosses and colleagues in the office. I look up to all of them. Everyone is so good in what he or she is doing and passion just oozes from most, if not all, people there. They all inspire me! I am also supper happy because my division-mates are very easy to get along with and I consider all of them as my friends (except for Tin! Tin is like super clingy eeeew hahahaha joke lang Tin you know naman how much I hate you 😛 hahaha)

PCW also sneakily made me fat. hahaha. Omg but it’s true. Free food are always present in meetings in and outside of the office. As in left and right talaga.. Hilig pa namin mag-merienda.. ayan I’m two sizes bigger now! 😛

This job has also got me entering literally almost every hotel in the metro and in some provinces too – low-end to high end- because of the various seminars, fora, conferences, meetings, consultations and programs we constantly get invited to, or we hold ourselves. I wouldn’t really have so much reason to go and see these fancy hotels if not for work. Haha bet na bet ko kasi laging free food ^_^

I am also very grateful to PCW for giving me – a mere newbie – the chance to participate in quite big events – regional, national and international at that! I mean, seriously! Never have I imagined that i’d ever get to do all of these things in just one year! I wouldn’t finish here if i attempt to enumerate each event that I’ve been to. So I will just give you the highlights, alright? 🙂

Here are a few of my favorite experiences in PCW so far:

Within merely 365 days, PCW gave me my first taste of ASEAN. Last September, PCW hosted this event and I was tasked to liaise for a VIP Malaysian Delegate. I stayed at Dusit Thani for five days and got to meet new friends (from our PNP and from Malaysia). Enjoy na enjoy ako no’n grabe hehe kahit na nakakapagod yung work at nakakakaba, sobrang saya naman dahil naunahan ako ng excitement.. And free breakfast buffet for almost a week ansave (ay grabe yung puro pagkain lang nasa utak ko hahaha) 🙂


Within merely 365 days, PCW allowed me to meet the person I once dreamt of becoming (I’m aspiring for her position actually hahaha):


United Nations Women Under-Secretary General Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka came to the Philippines and I got the chance to meet her in person!! OMG!!

12004027_1692431317658989_3249442943477151987_nOMG… mother from another nation! T_T *tears of joy*

Within a year, PCW also flew me to places I have never been to before. I am not a very well-traveled girl but being in PCW has made me a bit of a jet-setter hahaha joke.

My job flew me to Bicol. I got to see the Mayon Volcano for the very first time, all expenses paid because I needed to be there for a Gender and Development Seminar.


It also flew me to Davao for the third leg of our Women’s Priority Legislative Agenda. That’s like in Mindanao and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even try booking a trip that far on my own.  HA! 🙂

But you know what’s the most amazing of ’em all??????

Within 365 days, PCW (with the help of UN Women Phil) sent me to……




I couldn’t believe it! Hindi nga nagsink-in sa akin na aalis na ako until a few hours before our flight. (MORE ABOUT THIS TRIP IN MY UPCOMING POSTS so watch out! 🙂 )

Thank you, PCW. Thank you for believing in my ability to handle a very crucial and heavy task of preparing a report that will be defended before the United Nations — like the real United Nations! — kahit bago pa lang ako. Thank you for your trust and for the training. Thank you for keeping the flame in me burning.

Take me back to a year ago and I swear it wouldn’t even occur to me that United Nations will be a reality for me this soooon.

The only thing I can say is that I truly did my best to make myself worthy of all of these blessings and I hope I did not let anybody down! 🙂 One year has gone by and everything was just marvelous. And yes, it’s only the beginning.

I know… I just know that I am in the right place. I am looking forward to more years of serving the nation in my own little way while also experiencing surprisingly beautiful things along the way.

Now tell me, PCW, how can I not love you?? 🙂


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