Old Town, Old Soul

30 Jul

What better to wear on a chill, summer day in Geneva than a white dress and a wide smile? 🙂

geneva 6This is me when we went around town in the afternoon, after our debriefing session. It was the day after the CEDAW Revalida so I was already able to smile and relax because the heavy work was finally over.

P_20160706_164258I got this dress from my favorite ukay-ukay for only P200.00. Its quality is really good and it looks more expensive that what I got it for. If you ask me, it was the perfect tourist dress because it speaks chill, calm and leisurely. haha.

P_20160706_164259I have this sudden affinity for classic white dresses. I’ve gotten so inspired by Heart Evangelista (a Filipina celebrity) ever since i followed her on instagram. Her taste is just impeccable that she makes wearing white look so stunning and not boring at all. Ugh I really love her outfit posts so as an effect, I’ve been subconsciously buying lots of white clothes/dresses lately. LOL

Now let me just share a few snaps of our tour that day, and a few thoughts on oldness:

IMG_20160709_091153This is the Philippine Delegation waiting for the bus going to the Office of the Philippine Mission, where we will be having our debriefing session.

Our meeting adjourned an hour after lunch and we had a few hours left that afternoon for a tour around town. One group went to Manor – the famous department store in Geneva to (obviously) shop while I decided to go with the “Two-Thirty/Du-Thirty/ Duterte/2×30=60 yr old” lovely ladies (haha that was their inside joke, I did not come up with that I just want to clear that up before I get into trouble hahaha) because I didn’t wanna spend too much.

The “Duterte Girls” were a bit surprised and they asked me if I was sure I wanted to go with them- the oldies. I said yes with conviction! Hehe. If they only knew how much of a privilege it was really for me to be able to spend some personal time with esteemed people like them. 😉

geneva 62Upon the recommendation of Ambassador, we decided to go to Geneve’s Old Town. It was like a maze of narrow streets and picturesque walls, and with cafés and restaurants all around (typical Geneva). Needless to say, it has its own nostalgic charm.

P_20160706_215800We visited St. Peter’s Cathedral or Saint Pierre Cathedral which is  850 years old. If I’m not mistaken, this is a Reformed Protestant’s church. P_20160706_220206And this is the famous pulpit where one John Calvin supposedly preached until he died. LOL kill me now but I suck at History and I do not really know who John Calvin is or what his contributions to the world are.

IMG_20160707_013638Well… my limited, er, nonexistent knowledge on the matter did not stop me from taking a pic with it as my background. hehe 😉 Look at how a classic white dress easily complements a very old staircase. Classic on classic. right?

geneva 61The cathedral was rather intimidating. I don’t usually come to places like this so seeing this one was indeed an experience for me. It also was a bonus that the “Duterte Ladies” had something to say or share about its history  and  the history of several other places. I was  amazed by the vastness of their knowledge. lol I learned so much that day just from hearing their random conversations. 😀 I was a passive observer, a curious listener. I didn’t have to say much but I acquired much.  I told myself that when I reach my sixties, I hope I’d become as successful, content, happy, intelligent and still-so-alive as these ladies. ^_^

There’s this quote that says “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art”… And I couldn’t agree more . I’ve always appreciated old: I like the wisdom behind old age; I like the timelessness of old songs; and the romance in anything old-fashioned. I think they really are wonderful creations made even more beautiful by time. They have more depth, more meaning, and more mystery in them.

P_20160706_221818_BF.jpgWell what can I say? I want to become a work of art too, just like the “Duterte Girls”, just like St. Peter’s Church and just like the Old Town of Geneva. I want to be able to inspire another Janica at 26, and motivate her to become another masterpiece herself… ^_^

That’s all for now! 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful Saturday! 🙂


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