DIY Meals, Kopiko 78 and Other Ways to Trim Down Expenses

8 Aug

Hello friends! Break muna sa aking Geneva Blog Series,and allow me to write about a certain concern that I am trying to creatively address. This is of utmost importance! lol.

Saving money is not my strongest point. Okay, that is an understatement. I am worse than that hahaha. Anyways,   I checked my bank account just the other day and I got alarmed that I am waaaaay below my target savings, what with my sudden dental expense,  my “panganay” obligations (grocery shopping is no joking matter y’all I didn’t expect it to be that costly!), and the considerable amount of money I spent in Switzerland (expenses other than Hotel and plane fare).

I need to alter my spending habits a little to become financially healthier. So today, I resolve to up my Saving game by trying out new and creative ways to go about my spending without drastically giving up my guilty pleasures in life. I figured that if I wanted to reach my target savings within my target time-frame, I would have to cut back on my “luho”-spending. Note that I am not giving up the “luho” itself as that would be too drastic of a move, and anything done drastically only creates a negative catapult effect. Instead, I am going to cut back on the amount of money I spend on them. at least for now.

“Luho” can be anything that we consume and spend on excessively, and for me that would be food, shopping, and weekend coffee-shop trips.

To abate my excessive spending on food, I have to moderate the frequency of my dining out. The problem with me is that I wake up late so I don’t have time to prepare breakfast and I go home usually too tired to even cook my own dinner. So I’d turn to fast-food and restos  for my stomach’s salvation. lol. Well that has got to change now.I should start preparing breakfast at home, and then eat only salad for dinner. Not only will this help me resuscitate my bank account, it will also help me with my healthier diet goals. LOL

P_20160808_064855Today, I managed to wake up early and I successfully prepared my breakfast! yay! 🙂 I made grilled ham and cheese sandwich with apple salad on the side. Brought extra to the office for lunch so I didn’t have to buy outside and I was able to save around P120 pesos!

P_20160807_192619For my dinner the whole week, I had bought all the ingredients last Saturday and precut and prestored all of them in the fridge. 😀

P_20160807_192410See,  cooking is really not my talent lol. It also doesn’t help that I’m already tired by the time I get home thus, the best solution to my evening dilemma is to just eat salad. I just have to mix all my prepared ingredients, throw in some dressing, sprinkle some pepper and other herbs and I’m done! No sweat! =) And i get to save a looooot too by not eating out!

Another guilty pleasure of mine is handcrafted coffee. I literally spend at least a thousand bucks every weekend just by hanging out at coffee shops (cab fares included). While I do not intend to stop this leisure completely as I really enjoy working and blogging from a nice cozy coffee place, I would have to do this less for now while my wallet is thin haha. Maybe, for the next three of four months, I will have to just drink Kopiko 78 instead of my usual frappe from Starbucks or Sunrise from CBTL. hehehe. I like how Kopiko 78 tastes like anyways. It is a a cheaper alternative to an overpriced coffee without so much compromise on the taste! 🙂

wp-image-1829908380jpeg.jpegAnother way I’m trying out is to just carry an exact amount of money each day (my computed daily expense is P300 to P350) and then save up anything that is left therefrom for my weekend “luho”. My self-imposed rule on shopping and dining out is that I cannot spend beyond the amount of money in these jars. Instead of reducing my savings in the bank just to pursue a weekend day-out, I will be motivated to watch my expenses each day and avoid buying unnecessary stuff like candies, isaw, softdrinks, etc., and take jeepney rides instead of cabs and tricycles, if I really want to splurge on my guilty pleasures. Smart right? hahaha

img_20160715_113204Lastly, I resolve to continue taking advantage of thrift shops lol. I’ve always been an ukay-ukay patron and I am super convinced that it is such a heaven for those who love fashion-for-less. If you are just patient, and if you have the knack for dress hunting, you can find a good piece or two in a thrift shop which looks 100 times more expensive than its price. 😉 Dresses above cost P150 each. 😉

Oh wow!!!!! that was some serious plan I’ve laid down for myself! But I shall not fret. I know I can do it. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Well, Day 1 has been a success so far, 20 more days and this will be a lot easier for me. WISH ME LUCCCCCK!

Cheers to financial health! 😉 If you have more brilliant and easy saving tips to share, please feel free to comment! 😀


3 Responses to “DIY Meals, Kopiko 78 and Other Ways to Trim Down Expenses”

  1. Adz August 9, 2016 at 9:55 am #

    Hi Janica! There’s a classic rule: salary minus savings equals expenses. Try to work this into your current strategy. Your savings should be a fixed amount so you can build the habit. Anything you save at the end of the month, you can convert to extra savings or shopping fund. Count your savings as remittances to your future self, if it helps.

    There was a time I had to catch up on my savings goal so I altered my shopping rule. If I buy something worth 500, I have to put another 500 into my savings jar as my ‘fine’ for lack of self control. haha Pretty effective.

    I also do shopping bans from time to time. I review everything I own (clothes, bags, shoes, makeup, skincare, craft and office supplies) and then impose a no purchase rule. Sometimes we just purchase mindlessly kasi and forget that we have three tubes of toothpaste in stock, or 12 similar shades of pink lipstick, or six bottles of glue (true story.)

    Dental expenses are crazy. I had a sudden dental expense some weeks ago also. NAMUTLA TALAGA AKO. hahaha I think I’m gonna start building my dental fund na.

    • shalloweuphoria August 9, 2016 at 11:14 am #

      OMG ate Adz thanks sa mga tips!!! badly need them! haha

      sige itry ko iintroduce itong mga tips mo as the days go by… natatakot kasi ako na baka mabigla ako sa sobrang pagtitipid tpos magback fire. hehe. ^_^

    • shalloweuphoria August 9, 2016 at 11:15 am #

      OMG Ate Adz! thanks sa mga tips!! 😀 badly need them! huhu. Sige, i’ll try to apply these tips as the days go by natatakot kasi ako na mabigla ako sa sobrang pagtitipid tapos magaback fire. haha. 🙂 Thnks ❤

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