Dreaming of… Aubaine Selfridges

7 Mar

Currently daydreaming about this restaurant in London.. Aubaine Selfridges.

One of the few places abroad I would like to see.

I’ve never been to London, but when I get the chance to go, I am definitely paying this a visit.



I mean, just look at that ceiling. I cannot even breathe….



and look how the sun rays generously illuminate the place…

IMG_7762 http://www.sophlalook.com/2016/06/aubaine-selfridges.html

And the white walls… and chic white framed chairs and tables…


wow… wow… wow….


The flower-clad ceiling matches exquisitely the monochromatic and Morrocan-inspired tiles of the floor, and the french charm of all other things displayed inside.


Ahhhh… someday, please! ^_^

But for now allow me to bask in all the pretty thoughts and vibes this dreamy restaurant has been giving me for days now! Ciao!

*photos are not mine. image source indicated below each photo. Please click on such links to view more of this pretty, pretty restaurant.


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