Sweet Little Alfresco Spot

8 Apr

Break muna sa nobela ko. Allow me to blog about something light and happy lang for today.  🙂 I just want to share about this sweet little alfresco corner in Greenbelt that I am loving more and more by the day… or by the weekend should I say?

This is at Single Origin, Greenbelt 3. It has just recently opened. It used to be a pizzeria and I’ve only tried it once then. But ever since it got transformed into this very rustic/country kind of place that serves hefty sizes of food and nice-tasting lattes, I started to frequent this part of Greenbelt more often.


As I grow older, the things that I truly love and want are starting to get more defined. I guess I can safely call myself an old soul because I feel like I gravitate towards hobbies which are not necessarily explosive and exciting but are rather slow, unpopular and quaint.

Sometimes, I wonder why unlike other millenials, I don’t have the inclination to travel the world and see as many countries as I can. And unlike other millenials, I do not covet the latest gadgets available in the market. My phone has had a shattered screen for the longest time, and my laptop has been showing some signs of malfunction but I cannot find the desire to upgrade them.

I cannot however let a weekend pass without visiting a nice coffee shop.


But who can blame me right? My coffee shop escapades are the best down-time! It gives me an ample time to contemplate about life, read a book leisurely, write on my blog, review the things I’ve done the past week, and it’s the chance to have a one-on-one talk with myself for when I feel down, sad, or lonely. Hanging out in cafes allows me to push the reset button of life. For someone like me who believes she is more prone to melancholy, this is a very crucial savior of an activity.


It also makes the need to finish pending work on a weekend more tolerable. Somehow, it doesn’t feel as burdensome as it actually is because once in a while, some lovely birds will sing my stress away, and sometimes, some handsome stranger would share the long table I occupy and would start a random cute conversation. I mean, I don’t mind pausing work if that’s what the universe serves my plate! haha


I especially love cafes that love my kind of music. Serve me latte and play some Bossa Nova, or those soft, dreamy 80s love songs that take me to some kind of wonderland — and I am yours forever! I cannot fully describe the love affair I have with coffee shops, especially the one with perfect alfresco spots!

P_20180331_133806_1.jpgAlmost done with coffee! Almost halfway through with my current book!


Spending some alone-time in coffee shops is such an underrated recreation. More people should do it, and they should do it more often. 🙂





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