Monkey Forest

19 Aug

One of the many places we visited in Bali was the Monkey Forest, in Ubud. I’ve seen a lot of amazing photos online taken from this place which blew me away. For someone who is a sucker for artsy photo shoots, I knew I had to have my version too, except subtler and more “vacation-ish” feels!



IMG20180427103607I will admit, i did intentionally look for a long yellow dress just for this! LOL. I was very particular with the shade of yellow too- LEMON YELLOW lol. Well I think my vision came to life and I had so much fun posing in this very mystical, beautiful place. 🙂



IMG20180427094309The Monkey Forest was, of course, obviously, teeming with monkeys. They were everywhere, doing everything. They amuse visitors, scare them, run after them, and what have you. But it wasn’t really the playful monkeys that ultimately drew me into this particular place. I was more thrilled by the exotic trees, and plants, and the bridges, and the intricate stone structures found at the heart of the forest, which I knew were super great photo shoot sites hahaha. I would’ve enjoyed this place as much even without the monkeys to be honest. Lol



IMG20180427101920My photos don’t give justice to this stone bridge majestically lying there. It was up high in the deepest part of the Monkey Forest which makes it a clever highlight of the entire experience. You walk and walk and walk until you reach the middle, and just when you were about to say you’re tired, this gigantic bridge greets you from above your standpoint, and you’ve got no choice but let your jaw drop. I was in total awe.

37792857_2195971853971597_2458756978961285120_nFlying? 🙂

IMG20180427102134This lizard was dutifully guarding that majestic bridge

IMG20180427103936I felt so childishly powerful  standing there, in between those two dragons. LOL.

IMG20180427103233If we walk further down, more monkeys in their natural habitat await. I swear this scene was way cooler in person than in pictures, you know!


IMG20180427103028You want awesome candid travel photos?  Make sure to bring a friend who loves taking ’em! haha

Anyways, was super happy to have visited Monkey Forest. I felt like a goddess for a few minutes I was there! hahaha 😉

IMG_20180528_131818Or a princess gracefully descending her shaman-inspired castle. or something to that effect. lol

IMG_20180528_131715That’s all for today! 🙂


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