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Life in a Cup

18 Jun

What’s another story to hear
What’s another laugh for two
What’s another tick on the clock
When it’s magic shared by you

What’s another smile to give?
What’s another kiss or two?
What’s another line to say?
When it’s now that’s shared by you


Thought I’d share something of a sunny and light vibe today 🙂 Here are some snaps of what weekends should be like – an intentional pause, a well-deserved break, a needed recreation.  Weekdays are our hustle days, and most of the time we cannot help but move so quickly – chasing after the elusive time, waking up as early as 5am and going home as late as almost midnight, overdosing on caffeine to keep us running, and beating deadlines after deadlines that in the end leaves us oh so beat ourselves.

received_1378729268832717So what’s a day or two to stop? We all need a moment to immerse ourselves in the now – and make sure that we do it as slowly as we could. Go to a place that is  lovely and inspiring. Let’s treat ourselves to a cup of coffee and enjoy every sip of it this time.


A cup in hand
You know it’s worth your while
A cup in hand
Let’s sit and stay for a while

Let minutes turn to moments
Let’s mix
Let’s talk
One moment

IMG_20170411_162014_602“Sunday is the perfect day to refuel your soul and be grateful for each and everyone of your blessings”

I’d like to take this time to appreciate all the people who care for me. I do realize how fortunate I am to know that there are lots of friends reaching out to me, offering any kind of help they could extend, and giving me unsolicited-yet-very-welcome pieces of advice and encouragement. I’ve been expressing my self-doubts, fears and frustrations in social media a lot lately but I didn’t really think people would take the time to read them much less offer me whatever they have to lessen my stress.


I am only human. I sometimes forget to trust the higher being that guides us all. Lately, mabilis ako ma-stress and ma-rattle However, I am happy to be reminded of the universe’s unbelievable power through a lot of people – Jim, Jam, Phoebe, Mara, Lil, Steph, Mica, Ate Mylene and other law school friends who believe in me, the Bayleaf Gurls, 411 Windsor Housemates (shout out to Ate Cy and Jenny esp!), Tita Josie, Tin, Ago, Ms. Anette, and the people I’ve met only in work-related events and conferences but have been super thoughtful and caring, and I know are praying for me like Ma’am Nelia from NCDA and Ms. Jo from DOH. I also met an Atty. from DOJ  in one forum and she offered her help in my review – she told me to just text her when I have any question. She also gave me tips which I find super helpful. I won’t say na how each one of you has helped me, but you surely did. so Thank you! 🙂

I would also like to use this day to end my week-long self-declared depression. Looking back, I couldn’t believe I got through my Thursday and Friday alive. I was sick for three days starting Monday and had to miss work until Wednesday. I believe that was stress-induced. I had TONS of pending work needed to be turned over to the bosses by the end of the week that I just feared the coming of Thursday. I was so down and helpless. It seemed like everything about my remaining two work days was going awfully wrong. I cried a lot during those times and asked/complained to the Heavens about my impossible ordeal… But somehow, the universe conspired to remind me that life is my ally, not my foe. Come Friday, I magically was able to finish three deliverables/work in a span of 4 hours in the morning. And I find that miraculous because it would usually take me the whole day to finish just one.




“You’re so hard on yourself. Take a moment. Sit back.

Marvel at your life:

      at the grief that softened you,

     at the heartache that widened you,

     at the suffering that strengthened you.

Despite everything, you still grow.  Be proud of this.”


The book on Taoism that I’ve been reading said that everything we need is already being provided to us right here, right now. The universe does not leave anyone behind (yes parang SDG lang! hahaha), and we need only ask and we shall receive. This past week made me a witness to the truthfulness of this teaching. And though I am anticipating another big necessity in the near future, I trust that the universe will provide whatever I need through the people, things and situations around/surrounding me.

I guess this Sunday marks another beginning for me. I will try (yet again) to be more positive even though it can be so difficult at times, and even though I am convinced now that I am genetically predisposed to be melancholic (yes peeps, it is somehow inherent for some people to be more inclined to feel sadness than joy); But this shouldn’t stop me from pursuing happiness I know. After all, nature and nurture coexist in this world to balance each other out, and bring about a perfectly imperfect individual.

IMG_20170412_073419_1742afb9cfcf73103a3e9e517b0d9822558received_1378731118832532 I really have to be consistent in cultivating a happy spirit, and i need to believe MORE in the power of the universe –> things will always work out! And it is always just a matter of perspective – glass half empty vs glass half full; life is either falling apart or falling into place.

And thankgod for beautiful Sundays too – for the downtime, for the chance to reflect, for the chance to begin again, for a clean slate, for the nth square one. I am just grateful to have come to sobriety after a drowning week that was.

I say buckets of coffee keep us awake during hustle-weekdays, but a cup of coffee on a Sunday is what truly keeps us alive. 🙂


That’s all for today! Quite a long post, but it stops here. 🙂 Have a happy Sunday everyone! 🙂


Of Dream Boards and Roses

20 Jul

If I could invite you to my bedroom, the first thing you’d notice when you step inside would probably be the numerous postings on the walls which shamelessly spell out what I want to achieve and experience in life. Perhaps the most conspicuous of them all is my dream board. Yeah… I am a self-confessed subscriber of this kind of stuff. I believe in the power of dream boards you see, and just recently, I have proven that they  indeed work like magic!

Last January, I pinned this little piece of paper on my dream board:

IMG_20160703_000429I placed that there one fine night without really giving it much thought. I just figured that it’s about time I see another place outside of the country even at least once. I mean, while I am not an avid travel person and I really don’t have the extreme desire to fly to every country on earth, to go abroad would at the very least be a new experience for me. I don’t really have any means or resources to make this happen soon but I posted it there anyway because according to the book The Secret, means is quite irrelevant in the process of manifesting.

 After daydreaming that evening, I slept on the idea and carried on with my usual activities the next day.  Life went by pretty well. I would wake up everyday and the first thing I would see when I open my eyes would be my dream board. I’d look at it for 2 seconds max and then I’d forget about it for the rest of the day. 
IMG_20160702_235110Fast forward to July… and I just found myself on a plane with free food and free in-flight entertainment. I thought “Well, that was new”. Surely, it wasn’t Cebu Pacific anymore. Yes!  I was flying out of the country for the very first time ever! and I couldn’t believe it at all. What more, I was being sent by the government to Europe for an important official business which means that I am traveling abroad… with almost all expenses paid for me!

P_20160708_001334_1Next thing I knew, the Swiss Alps was just beneath me. Camouflaging pretty well with an equally beautiful sea of clouds, these snowy mountains were a breath-taking view.

P_20160708_002017_1After a fifteen hour flight, I set foot on the soils of a nation known for its neutrality, watches, cheese and chocolates: Switzerland! 🙂

P_20160703_194501We stayed in Geneva for a week. However short our stay was, I could say I had an absolutely amazing time. Maybe it’s because I got there without even getting over yet the fact that a dream I once just posted on my wall is now materializing right before my very eyes. And maybe it’s also because Geneva was a little lovely surprise for me, which I will explain why.

P_20160703_214101Geneva is beautiful in a very simple way. The buildings are nice to look at, the streets are  spotlessly clean, and Lake Geneve is a pleasant bonus too. But it wasn’t a city full of grandeur -No intimidating architectures, no extravagantly dressed ladies passing by (kinda how I’d imagine Paris would be), no glits and glam at night, nothing very special actually.

P_20160703_214235But I appreciated it even more precisely because it’s like that. It is a very chill place, very sunny at the time we were there. It is something a  person like me who loves taking leisurely walks could live with.

P_20160703_222056The weather was crisp but you can feel the cool air at the same time. There are not a lot of people and not a  lot of cars. You will see bikes parked around instead.

P_20160703_221955The Swiss are also generally nice. They would smile at you when you (a foreigner) walk by, try to photobomb you for fun as you take your selfies (happened to me thrice), and would even offer to take a snap of you if they see that you are a tourist with no company. haha.


This is the garden of Hotel Drake and Longchamp where we stayed. I was really loving the place for its cozy ambience.  And did I mention that the people who work at the hotel are some of the nicest bunch of people I’ve met? They were very accommodating, they were always smiling and courteous to guests all of the time.

P_20160703_212125For all the good things I’ve experienced about Geneva, my two favorite things about the city would be its love for flowers and alfresco restaurants. 🙂

13754672_1294826447195713_6167616697427126204_nHere in the Philippines, I consciously search for dining places with these two features. I would often end up in an expensive part of the city but I would indulge because I am such a sucker for anything romantic and relaxed. In Geneva though, looking for such wouldn’t be as hard and  costly. Flower boxes are a usual decoration there. You see them hanging by the window panes of condos, houses and offices, or as typical facades of private establishments. My heart was just so full of satisfaction. 🙂

P_20160703_214841P_20160703_214706Garden of pink roses in front of the Palais Wilson, a hotel famous for its bullet-proof windows and all that shizz. This is where world leaders would usually stay if they visit Geneva for security reasons. lol. It sounds like a “very serious business“-kind of hotel but it is betrayed by its exteriors as it looks like a really pretty palace, in pink to boot! lol

P_20160703_222040This is another hotel nearby, facing the famous Lake Geneve. I don’t even have to describe it by words. I’ll shut up now and it can take my money! LOL

IMG_20160712_155248As I’ve already said, Geneva is teeming with restaurants. You will find at least one in literally every corner of the street. It’s crazy!!! And what I love about it is that all of them have alfresco areas. OMG… I can actually live in this city for good! I will probably die here inspired and fat and happy! 🙂

P_20160703_223412I can already see myself sipping a cup of coffee in one of these spots on a lazy Sunday afternoon, silently observing people passing by, thinking enthusiastically of the next thing I have to do, and constantly being grateful of a good simple life 😉



P_20160706_212510On the day that we arrived, we took a short walk along lake Geneve as we search for a place to get dinner. Here are a few snaps of the goings-on in that part of the city:




geneva 5So that wraps up my first post about my first ever trip abroad. Ain’t I lucky? 🙂 My first overseas destination is Europe and I didn’t even pay for my plane fare and accommodation. haha. As they say, if you truly want something, the universe conspires to give it to you.

Six months ago, I dared to dream of traveling abroad even though I don’t have substantial savings at all. Who would’ve thought that the Universe would find a way for me to achieve this regardless? ^_^

You guys!!! I really encourage you to dream big and write ’em down! VISUALIZATION WORKS. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Til the next dream realized! Cheers! 🙂

p.s. I have a series of posts related to my trip to Geneva. This is just a patikim. 😉 In my next few posts I will be doing a review of a very lovely restaurant in Geneva and other nice mini-trips I had around the city.

Dream Catcher

20 Jul

I am a shameless subscriber of the Law of Attraction, of the power of thoughts, of the universe conspiring to make things work for the relentless believers.

One prominent teaching of the said law is to have faith in our dreams even though the road ahead is blurry and even though we have no idea how to get to where we want to be. The key is to have our end goal very clear in our heads. That’s the only thing we need to do and the universe will do the rest.

source: masswallpaper.mobi

I remember writing down in my journal a few months back that I want to have a job that I am passionate about, a job that is meaningful, and a job that I will love forever.  I specifically jotted down that I want a job that would allow me to champion women’s rights and empowerment and that would make people respect me not out of compulsion or fear but out of inspiration.

Even though I had no idea how to get there, I held on to the thought so tightly.

During that time, I was still working in the law firm of my father as a paralegal while studying law. Given my situation back then, I had no clue how and when that dream job of mine is gonna come. A few years back, I was a heavy whiner.  I’d curse law school and my law firm job every single day. I’d question myself for contradicting my own dreams: I’d question why I even accepted my dad’s offer to work for his firm, I’d question why I am in law school in the first place, not knowing that all of these are preparing me for that ultimate moment.

source: tumblr.com

During that time, I was feeling so lost and I thought I was making a big waste of my years. I think I was very unfair to my dad too. Because I had this internal chaos and conflict going on inside me, I never fully appreciated what my parents have done and are doing for me. Especially my dad – my dad who gave me every opportunity to grow and learn.

Now, I am working at the Philippine Commission on Women. A week has passed after I officially started, yet I still am on a high.

My application process has been very swift. I submitted my resume Tuesday, I got called for a written examination Thursday, and I am assuming I passed the test because I got a schedule for Interview the following Monday. I was almost hired by one of the panel interviewers during the interview proper. And it was formalized in a week. It happened all so quickly. At the timing I didn’t even expect. PCW was the first agency I applied for. Because it was the job that I was coveting so badly. And I got the job in a snap.

Now before you misinterpret my point, I am not saying that I am so great and invincible that’s why I got my dream job so easily. NO. not the case at all. What I’m trying to say is that everything fell into place and the UNIVERSE played a big role in this. It helped me land the job i’ve been wishing for for the longest time in a way that is oh so unpredictable!

Firstly, I owe this accomplishment to my dad. The main reason I got hired was because of my training and work experience which would not have been there if not for him. During my interview, most of the deciding questions asked from me was about our existing laws that are discriminatory to women and about my knowledge in policy making – both subject matters I am very familiar with because of the very two things I hated the most: LAW SCHOOL and LAW FIRM JOB. 

source: favim.com

I never would have thought that the things I’ve been complaining about the past years would turn out to be my stepping stone to my dream job. After all the ranting and the cursing, I never imagined that there would come a time that I would have to attribute the realization of one of my dreams to the very things that I thought were holding me back from it.

After my interview, I immediately thought of my father. I was so full of gratitude for him. I couldn’t explain my joy.

Had my dad not convinced me to go to law school, had he and mom not tirelessly persuaded me to continue continue continue and finish the course, I would not have answered the questions thrown upon me by my interviewers regarding legal provisions.

Had my dad not offered me a job in his firm, Had he not exposed me to all the facets of the legal profession, had he not asked me to work on this, on that, to draft this and that, I would not have a f*cking clue about policy making and bill drafting and whatnot.

My application process was fast because it was bit by bit a match between what PCW needs and what I can provide. If this isn’t magic I don’t know what is.

source: itsmaggiesworld.com

My dad gave me all the brain tools that I needed to ace my application process – from my resume down to the interview. The training I got from him plus my burning passion for feminism resulted in a perfect, almost easy combination for this ‘success’.

So in retrospect, things did fall into their place after all.  I held on to my dream, wrote it down and read it every night even though I could not see the road ahead from my vantage point that time. If there’s one thing  I’ve learned from this beautifully ironic experience, it’s that FAITH really works.

As I worked hard to improve my disposition in life, the universe did not fall short on its promise to repay my efforts. It was no easy feat. I had to fight a lot of negativity. But I was determined to make my life work. And accordingly so, the universe – through my father’s wisdom, and law school and my past job – did conspire to bring me to my happy place… finally. 🙂

source: play.google.com