Bucket List :)

“the things you are scared of doing are usually the most worthwhile”

Because I resolve to face my fears one by one, and pursue my silly dreams too. 🙂 Happiness is such a fleeting feeling and i am proactively desiring seeking and realizing it as much and often as i can.

Here’s my bucket list – the little things which once i make happen, i’m sure will bring a smile to my face. 🙂

1. drive a motorbike.


2. have a picnic-date in a public park.

3.  receive a bouquet of flowers  on Valentines day.


4. ride a random provincial bus, get lost in an unfamiliar place and discover beautiful things along the way .

5. ride a yacht.

6. skinny-dip. 😛

7. visit Provence, France

8.  ride a ferris wheel.


9. bungee-jump.

10. sky-dive.

11. hike/camp in Utah –> Antelope Canyon, Grand Ganyon

12. See the Stonehenge.

13. Join a dancesport competition.

14.  See the Eiffel tower and eat real Parisian food.

15.  dance to a slow music with a special person.  [2/4/2017 IMLTY -B2M 🙂 ]

16. be on a fashion magazine.

17.  write a love letter.

18. receive a love letter.

19.  find my best friend.

20. Ride the roller coaster (but this time) with my eyes open.

21. learn to play the piano for real.

22. perform as a guitarist on stage.

23.  shake hands with a President.

24. Travel abroad:





26. go bald (or at least semi-bald)


27. Go to Australia.

28. Live in Australia.

29. go out with a total stranger.

30. go without make-up on, without dressing up and without fixing my hair, and still feel beautiful.

31.  be a queen.


32.  kiss under the rain.

33.  make a snowman.

34. get serious about blogging. Finally start my “happy-life” blog.

35.  meet any member of F4. wahehehe XD

36. receive an award for being well dressed.

37. let go gracefully.

38. appear on a televised show.


39.  tour Europe.


40.  serenade someone.

41. travel abroad.

42. have a wonderful chat with a friend, it should be so wonderful we’d start in d middle of the night and end as the sun rises . 🙂

43. Dip into the thermal hot springs in Iceland.

44. teddy bear.

45.  live the life i’ve always secretly wanted: go home everyday to a simple, small but lovely house by the beach, work a job i am truly passionate about – and be great at it, do art or play music during my free time, and be totally secure with being on my own.

46. witness a meteor shower.

47.  see Hollywood.

48. See the Pyramids of Egypt.

49. change someone’s life.

50. have a simple but beautiful wedding.

51. read, read, read.

52. experience mad, passionate, extraordinary love.

53.  teach.

54. be truly amazed.

55. invent something.

56. be someone’s hero(ine). 08/10/2018

57. learn how to swim.

58.  learn how to cook.


59. Hallelujah Mountains, China

60. own a walk-in closet.


61. write a book, and publish it.

62.  witness a miracle.

63. dance in the rain.

64. make someone else’s dream come true.

65. dance again.

66. do a music video

67. go to a fashion/arts school.

68. go to Maldives/ the Bahamas

69. have one of my fashion sketches executed.


70. Hike Down to the Kelingking Beach of Nusa Penida


72. visit Area 51.


74. Watch a concert alone.

75. Go to the Airport and take the next random flight. 

76. Kiss a stranger in another country.

77. Witness an Aurora Borealis (or Aurora Australis, which seems to be more attainable haha)


79.  (secret item)

80. ride an elephant

81. learn a third language 


82. ride on a hot air balloon.

83.  spend a morning in Tuscany.

84. serve the society.


86.  learn how to paint, paint, and frame what i painted.


Recently Updated24

87. See the Nazca Lines in Peru

88. try a blue-collar job.

89. stand on the Equator.

90. Sleep under the stars.

91. give a meaningful speech in front of a large audience.


92. find a secret happy place.

93. Make love with the person that i truly love and who truly loves me.

94.  Live someone else’s life for a day.

95. Experience winter, spring, summer and fall.

96. Start up a business i’m truly passionate about.

97.  Pass the DFA Exams and/or work at the United Nations.

98. Go to Africa for some Safari Adventure

99. Let a fortune teller predict my future.


100. die happy.


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