Bucket List :)

“the things you are scared of doing are usually the most worthwhile”

Because I resolve to face my fears one by one, and pursue my silly dreams too. 🙂 Happiness is such a fleeting feeling and i am proactively desiring seeking and realizing it as much and often as i can.

Here’s my bucket list – the little things which once i make happen, i’m sure will bring a smile to my face. 🙂

1. drive a motorbike.


2. have a picnic-date in a public park.

3.  receive a bouquet of flowers  on Valentines day.


4. ride a random provincial bus, get lost in an unfamiliar place and discover beautiful things along the way .

5. ride a yacht.

6. skinny-dip. 😛

7. visit Provence, France

8.  ride a ferris wheel.


9. bungee-jump.

10. sky-dive.

11. hike/camp in Utah –> Antelope Canyon, Grand Ganyon

12. See the Stonehenge.

13. Join a dancesport competition.

14.  See the Eiffel tower and eat real Parisian food.

15.  dance to a slow music with a special person.  [2/4/2017 IMLTY -B2M 🙂 ]

16. be on a fashion magazine.

17.  write a love letter.

18. receive a love letter.


19.  find my best friend.

20. Ride the roller coaster (but this time) with my eyes open.

21. learn to play the piano for real.


23.  shake hands with a President.

24. Travel abroad:





26. go bald (or at least semi-bald)


27. Go to Australia.

28. Live in Australia.

29. go out with a total stranger.

30. go without make-up on, without dressing up and without fixing my hair, and still feel beautiful.

31.  be a queen.


32.  kiss under the rain.

33.  make a snowman.

34. get serious about blogging. Finally start my “happy-life” blog.

35.  meet any member of F4. wahehehe XD

36. receive an award for being well dressed.

37. let go gracefully.

38. appear on a televised show.


39.  tour Europe.


40.  serenade someone.

41. travel abroad.

42. have a wonderful chat with a friend, it should be so wonderful we’d start in d middle of the night and end as the sun rises . 🙂

43. Dip into the thermal hot springs in Iceland.

44. teddy bear.

45.  live the life i’ve always secretly wanted: go home everyday to a simple, small but lovely house by the beach, work a job i am truly passionate about – and be great at it, do art or play music or just get engaged in anything creative during my free time, and be totally secure with being on my own.

46. witness a meteor shower.

47.  see Hollywood.

48. See the Pyramids of Egypt.

49. change someone’s life.

50. have a simple but beautiful wedding.

51. read, read, read.

52. experience mad, passionate, extraordinary love.

53.  teach.

54. be truly amazed.

55. invent something.

56. be someone’s hero(ine). 08/10/2018

57. learn how to swim.

58.  learn how to cook.


59. Hallelujah Mountains, China

60. own a walk-in closet.


61. write a book, and publish it.

62.  witness a miracle.

63. dance in the rain.

PCW Team-building Activity – Socials Night, April 11, 2019.

64. make someone else’s dream come true.

65. dance again.

66. do a music video.

67. go to a fashion/arts school.

68. go to Maldives/ the Bahamas

69. have one of my fashion sketches executed.


70. Hike Down to the Kelingking Beach of Nusa Penida


72. visit Area 51.


74. Watch a concert alone.

75. Go to the Airport and take the next random flight. 

76. Kiss a stranger in another country.

77. Witness an Aurora Borealis (or Aurora Australis, which seems to be more attainable haha)


79.  (secret item)

80. ride an elephant

81. learn a third language 


82. ride on a hot air balloon.

83.  spend a morning in Tuscany.

84. serve the society.


86.  learn how to paint, paint, and frame what i painted.


Recently Updated24

87. See the Nazca Lines in Peru

88. try a blue-collar job.

89. stand on the Equator.

90. Sleep under the stars.

91. give a meaningful speech in front of a large audience.


92. find a secret happy place.

93. Make love with the person that i truly love and who truly loves me.

94.  Live someone else’s life for a day.

95. Experience winter, spring, summer and fall.

96. Start a business i’m truly passionate about.

97.  Pass the DFA Exams and/or work at the United Nations.

98. Go to Africa for some Safari Adventure

99. Let a fortune teller predict my future.


100. die happy.


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